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Here you’ll find some handy resources on content marketing and social media tips.

I also write about story-telling, the nub – of course – of any good piece of content.

And the ‘blog’ might come in various forms – pictorial, textual and audio-visual!  Feel free to share any pieces you find useful or if you have any comments, please add them below.

5 Steps to Soup-Up your Social Media

If you’re a business owner doing social media or a freelance social media manager, you’re bound to be overwhelmed with advice. It’s easy to sweat the small stuff and lose your confidence. Writing engaging posts is a tough call. But I’ve found an amazing way to boost engagement – switch up your headset. Have a go with these 5 tips to soup-up your social…

The Story of The Garden Shed

There’s a story to how this business starts… Six years ago, I was a TV producer. I was working on shows like Made in Chelsea and Great British Menu.  I worked long hours, lived in central London, commuted to work by bike and lived a frantic – but fantastic – freelance life.