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I’m Paula Gilbert, founder of the Garden Shed, a small, friendly agency providing a toolkit of services to help grow your business:


  • 1:1 Consultancy Calls

  • Marketing Plans

  • Facebook Advertising Management and Support

  • Audits that take a potential customer from passing interest to a purchaser


Do you need to reach your target audience or drive traffic to your website?

Do you need to find leads or increase sales? 

I can guide you in the right direction, saving you time and money.

I provide expert marketing strategy and support. Plus for businesses that need it – Facebook advertising.

Together, we can find a solution that’s the perfect fit for you.

Let me help you grow your business – choose from the following: 

Marketing Strategy

Do you need more leads or sales?

Perhaps you need to launch a new product or service?

Or you need join the dots in your digital marketing?

You can join me for 1:1 support in a marketing call.

Or I can support you by developing an actionable plan tailored to your business.

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Facebook Advertising

 Does your business need more sales or leads, more traffic or to get back in contact with website visitors?

Facebook advertising is one of the most powerful tools available to small businesses – enabling you to reach out to its 45 million users in the UK.

I develop and manage campaigns for small businesses, delivering sales in the tens of thousands of pounds.

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Why the garden shed is different

You get a truly professional service. I’m an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, trained Facebook Ads Strategist and social media marketer. I’m also a trademarked member of Surrey Hills Enterprises.

You get a wide range of creative solutions. My background is in television production and I can develop creative for dynamic, attention grabbing content. So you can support the strategy with stand out content!

You get affordable, tailored support. The Garden Shed works primarily with small businesses so I know the challenges you face allowing me to provide professional solutions that don’t cost the earth.

Case Study

In the last year, I ran a Facebook Ads campaign that saw the client report

a quadrupling of sales over 6 months. 

Read on for inspiration about how to increase online sales for your business…

Adam Aaronson is a well-known artist who also runs glass making courses at his Surrey studio.

Adam came to me in February 2022 looking to promote these courses to a wider audience.

At that time, he was averaging around £7k a month from course sales (although this figure fluctuated a lot due to lockdown).

We agreed to launch a Facebook ads campaign to target new people who might be interested in buying course vouchers.

There wasn’t much data on the previous customers, but there were dozens of 5 star testimonials on Google!

To launch the campaign, I analysed the language of the reviews for wants around the offer, conducted market research, then rolled out a test campaign with various audiences to find the best fit.

Once I’d found a large audience that showed interest, I revised the ad creative with targeted messaging.


This main ad certainly resonated!

Here it is to date with 959 likes, 439 comments and 125 shares.

This is despite it running to a cold audience who don’t know the business from, well, Adam!

It runs alongside other creative, but the massive popularity of this post enables it to get seen higher up on Facebook’s feed. This then increases visibility helping to get more eyeballs on the course offering.

It’s what’s known as a ‘unicorn ad’ and continues to generate a very high click through rate, driving traffic and sales.

I also ran a retargeting campaign during this time, which was shown to people who visited the website but didn’t buy.

A heads up, if you’re not running a retargeting campaign, you’re missing a trick.

Together the ads have run on just £20 a day – though the campaigns do need daily management to optimise delivery.

What are the results of the campaign over 6 months?

 The overall campaign generated £48.6k in online sales in 6 months according to the Facebook dashboard.

But the client has reported taking £163k in online sales during this period, and runs no other marketing.

Since the ads have been running, he’s reported a monthly online sales increase from 7k to 27k, so a jump almost 4 FOLD.

Conservatively, we know the return on ad spend to be 12 – so for every £1 spent the client gets £12 back.

However, the true return is likely to be much higher.

So how does the client feel about running the ads?

“Working with Paula has had a fantastic effect on our online sales which have increased fourfold over the last year.  She is brilliant at creating effective paid social media campaigns and great fun to work with.  I’m thrilled with the increase in sales as a direct result of running Facebook ads.”

Adam Aaronson

Facebook ads

I don’t need to tell you that Facebook advertising is SUCH a powerful tool for small businesses. With over 50 million people using Facebook in the UK, your audience is on this platform!

I design and run Facebook advertising campaigns that  regularly get well above industry standard click through rates (3% to warm audiences and 1% to cold.)

How? I ensure the ads really ‘speak’ to the target audience using marketing insights, expert copy and eye catching creative. 

From Clients
I’m thrilled to have had wonderful feedback from people I’ve worked with. Here’s a taster…

“Don’t even think about Facebook advertising without Paula Gilbert at your side…”

Adam Aaronson

Adam Aaronson Glass Studio

Paula helped us with our Facebook advertising last Christmas. Her creativity, dedication and attention to detail were second to none.

This coupled with her technical knowledge and insights into Facebook and ecommerce enabled us to have a very successful Christmas sales period. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend working with Paula and The Garden Shed Marketing.

Ian Jones

Hill House Farm

“Paula was the confidence boost, the professional look, and the investment my business needed. Take action – hire her, get what you think you want done – in a fun, professional, and loving way”

Helen Noble

Celebrant of Surrey

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Paula!  She exceeded my expectations by not only significantly improving my following and engagement on LinkedIn but by also teaching me more about the platform than I ever thought possible.

I cannot recommend Paula’s services enough, she is absolutely fantastic!”

Dr. Phil Allcock

Co-founder, Odyssey Learning and Development

Paula is one of the best investments we have ever made! She offers a 360 context when it comes to positioning… In terms of her output I have never seen anyone who is on message all the time and frankly, she takes my breath away in terms of the impact she has had on our business.”

Jenny Connick

Founder, Talentino!

“I had a ‘Power Hour’ with Paula earlier this year to help me the marketing of my first solo Exhibition in London. I was bowled over with how much information, ideas and resources Paula came up with. She is very skilled, experienced and easy to work with and a lovely person! Can’t recommend enough!!”

Clare Bowen

English plein air and impressionist oil painter

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