Facebooks Ads Training

and Workshops

Facebooks Ads Training & Workshops

One to One training

A power hour is your chance to work 1:1 directly with me. You can pick my brain, run your business needs by me and test ideas. It can save you money and allow you to maximise return on ads.

Who’s it good for?

Perhaps you’re new to Facebook ads, you need to build your first campaign and give yourself the best start. You need a simple, strategic plan to move forwards. Relax – you’re in safe hands.

Or, you’re running ads which aren’t delivering and need to know how to tweak to your campaign. You’re looking for insights and knowledge to up your game, guidance on using the dashboard expertly and advice on how to avoid mistakes that are costing you financially. You’re in the right place.

How does it work?

Through a Zoom video call – or in person if you’re local – we’ll share screens allowing me to give you advice and talk you through step by step process. In the hour, I’ll shed light on how to set up an effective campaign tailored to your needs – and walk you through the nuts and bolts of the FB ads dashboard.

The cost

For £195, we’ll book a time that’s convenient to you and you’ll get the bespoke coaching you need to move forwards.

Nb This is for one person. Any additional people on the call are charged at £50 per person.

After payment has been completed you will be taken to my diary to book a convenient time.



 If your team needs training on Facebook Ads, I can do a 90 minute workshop. This can be delivered either as an online webinar or in person if your business is local.

The workshop covers –

  • Introductory & interactive exercise – looking at examples of high performing ads from similar businesses
  • How Facebook Ads work – what the pixel is and why it’s important. How different ‘events’ are trackable, and what this means for creating target and custom audiences.
  • Practical exercise – how to map out your customers and answer their pain points for your offering.
  • How to design copy for ads that converts. What adscent is and why it’s important.
  • How to design your ad creative and which format to pick. 
  • Brainstorm of ad design for a business need
  • Takeaway PDF with magic metrics to track in Ads Manager.

Cost for 4-8 people: £390

Please contact me if you have larger numbers.