Facebooks Ads Training

Facebooks Ads Training


A power hour is your chance to work 1:1 directly with me. It’s is a cost effective way to get a steer on the most effective marketing tool out there.

You can run your business needs by me – and I can address how these can best be achieved with Facebook advertising.

I’ve found most clients need just over an hour to go their needs – so while I call it an hour – I’m happy to go to 90 mins in the session.

Who’s it good for?

Perhaps you’re new to Facebook ads – you need to build your first campaign and give yourself the best start. We can go through the dashboard and walk through how to set up an ad.

Or maybe you’re already running ads and need to adjust your campaign to deliver a better return? You might be looking for insights on your results, which objective to use, options for creative, insights on audiences. I can address all of these areas to help you up your game.

I get that Facebook ads can seem complicated. Relax – you’re in safe hands.

How does it work?

Through a Zoom video call, we can share screens allowing me to walk you through a step-by-step process.

We’ll take it as slow as you like. In the session, I can do the following

  • shed light on how to set up an effective campaign tailored to your needs
  • walk you through the nuts and bolts of the dashboard
  • answer any questions you might have.

Prior to the Consultation

I’ll need to get to know your business. Before the hour, I’ll send you a number of questions relating to your objectives and needs. Your answers will help both of us to get the most out of the session.

The cost

For £195, we’ll book a time that’s convenient to you and you’ll get the bespoke coaching you need to move forwards.

Nb This is for one person. Any additional people on the call are charged at £50 per person.

After payment has been completed you will be taken to my diary to book a convenient time.






how to  and and andad What if you know you need more than one session?

If you want to get to grips with Facebook advertising and would like to check in for ongoing guidance, you can opt for a Nurture Package.

What’s a ‘Nurture Package’ when it’s at home?

It’s 3 Power Hours designed to help you at each stage of your journey. (The package is priced more affordably than 3 separate hours if you book up front) It also helps me to map out what your needs might be.

So rather than £195 x 3, it’s offered more affordably at £500.

What’s included?

3 hours of bespoke training tailored to your needs.

The series of training sessions will address your business needs and – on an ongoing basis – address the challenges you’ve come across in rolling out your ads.

We will cover how to set up and implement ads based on your business needs, how to assess audiences, a short guide to ads manager and tips on creative for ads and copy. After the first hour, you can use the remaining 2 hours whenever you choose.

I can review your campaign set up and advise on adjustments including ad objectives, budget, and testing of creative and audiences. Please note, with Facebook ads, testing is vital.

Over the course of the training, you can go from a relative rookie to someone who has a deeper understanding of how to create an ad to matched to your business objectives… helping you to achieve better results on your investment.

How to book

The cost is £500 for the 3 hours, and includes a helpful bonus resource with ad metrics.

(Nb The cost is for one person. Any additional team members on the call are charged at £50 per person per session.)

Please call me to discuss your needs and we can book the first consultation.